Breakfast Bar

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We were commissioned to design and build a breakfast bar in the extension of our clients house. The bar had to be installed over a radiator. The client also wanted us to use an unfinished timber in order to achieve the industrial look she was after. The design solution uses a welded steel box section

Alcove Cabinets

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We were commissioned to design and build a Victorian style alcove cabinet to fit in with the existing original unit on the opposite side of the fireplace. Unfinished scaffold board were used for the shelves, so as to match the  neighbouring door and breakfast bar.  

Walnut AV Cabinet

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The cabinet needed to house a large 52inch plasma screen, the associated audio visual equipment and a small collection of books. The unit also had to be dismantlable, so that it could be constructed in our workshop then transported to site, though the narrow front door and then assembled in the final location. Our design solution was to construct

Forestry Office – Construction

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Foundations Set out in the standard way with the use of barge boards and string lines, the foundations were formed by digging 1 cubic metre holes. This was heavy going as it was all done by hand and the material we removed - for later use in the internal plaster - was a heavy blue clay. The


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Earthships are self-contained living vessels that don’t rely on mains water or energy from big companies. Earthships use natural systems to provide all their own utilities — solar energy for heat and power, and rain for water — they heat and cool themselves, and use plants, both inside and outside, to treat ‘grey water.

Strawbale Construction

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An Extract Taken from The Royal Institute of British Architects Key points: Moisture content – Straw bale construction is able to breathe, meaning its moisture content will rise and fall naturally. Moisture content above 25% for any extended period of time is a risk. The u-Value of straw is dynamic in use and will rise

Forest Office

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The brief was originally for a composting toilet, for children visiting from the local Steiner school. However, during the building process the brief evolved and the project changed to become a forestry office for the land owner. As we had already built the A-frames before the change of purpose the main design was not changed only the internals of the building.

Outdoor Kitchen

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I was brought in as lead builder to guide the team through the process of jointing, pegging and raising the round wood timber frame. Starting with the basics of building the framing beds and organising the poles. Followed by teaching a team of six people the butterpat joint which is one of the main joints in round wood framing. The