Forest Office

The brief was originally for a composting toilet, for children visiting from the local Steiner school. However, during the building process the brief evolved and the project changed to become a forestry office for the land owner.

As we had already built the A-frames before the change of purpose the main design was not changed only the internals of the building.

The original compost toilet design took into account that the site is a clay based soil and the water table sits reasonable close to the surface. Due to the high water table and the potential of having 20-30 people on site at any one time, we deemed the best designed to be a double cubicle composting toilet, similar to the one at Earthship Brighton. The design sees the building raised of the ground and the poo is collected in pits underneath or in our case barrels, which could be easily rolled out and replaced when needed.

When the building was repurposed as a forestry office we retained the raised design, as we decided that the storage space under the building could be useful for drying out firewood or air drying any planked up timber.

The A-frame would allow me to try out the skills I had gained during my Roundwood timber framing course with Ben Law.  It would also allow us to use the large Ash poles for the main frame. The diameter of the Ash poles and the original requirement needing to have access for a 800mm high barrel under the building determined the overall dimensions  of the building. *Please note that I would note recommend using Ash as anything other than internal wind-bracing or flooring, as it is not a durable timber. Ash poles were only used in this circumstance, as it was the only timber to have been felled that year in the forest.



I want to say a huge thank you to Kwan, Red, Charlie and Colin for their amazing effort and comical energy that they all bought to the project.